“I shopped around before making my first purchase back in January and the good folks at Miami Armory were the most professional and friendly, willing to take the time to answer all my questiions. I have since purchased a second weapon and will doubtlessly purchase a third as soon as it is available. I now deal exclusively here for all my firearms needs.” – Brian B.

“Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. good place to visit” – Chris Keilholz

“Just wanted to drop a note to say that Tony and the other guy that closed the store tonight (Wednesday) were super great. One of my more enjoyable visits to your store. Very friendly and informative. Thanks!”  –  Tim, Facebook

“Great shop, great staff!” – Nancy, Facebook

“We bought a gun today. Great staff!” – Maxine, Facebook

“Came in today looking for holsters,the staff was awesome and knowledgeable,didnt try to sell me anything I didnt need,I will definitely be a repeat customer and Im very excited for the new range to open.” – Carrie, Facebook

“A friendly staff that know their products. I highly recommend The Miami Armory.” – Brian Bloom



  1. Mark Richmond says:

    This weekend, my wife Ingrid and I attended Scott’s OH CCW class. Ingrid was a bit apprehensive about going, as it’s been quite some time since her last shooting experience. She went along to humor me. This testimonial is to give the highest tribute that I can in words to Scott and to his fellow instructors for their kindest, attention, and encouragement to Ingrid. I could go on about the benefit that I obtained from the course, including the excellent shooting tips that I am confident will improve my accuracy immensely, but this is about Ingrid. For a while she has been a supporting wife of my shooting hobby, even allowing me to purchase the incredibly expensive Kimber that will be my carry piece, but she hasn’t had an interest in shooting. After the training session with Scott and his team Ingrid is actually looking forward to shooting, and we are planning to take another piece of Scott’s advice by renting a .380acp for her to test feel and recoil.

    I’m looking forward to additional training from Scott and his fellows.

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