All of our Instructors and Range Safety Officers are certified by the National Rifle Association and/or the Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission.  

Concealed Handgun:

  • Please call us in the store at 937-317-0787 for the current class schedule

*This class fulfills the requirements as set-forth by the State of Ohio to be issued a Concealed Handgun License by your local Sheriff’s Department.  Please bring BeveragesSnacks, and Lunch for yourself.  You will need a functioning handgun100 rounds of ammunition, ear and eye protection, and a pen.  Please wear weather appropriate clothing as the shooting portion of the class is outside.  Shooting will be done rain or shine!  Each class is limited to 15 students and must be full before we begin scheduling for the next class.

*All CCW Classes are 8-10 hours+, begin at 8AM, and Cost – $110 per person, or $140 which includes renting a handgun and ammunition.

Advanced Concealed Handgun:

Drawing from holster (how you plan on carrying), reloading and malfunction clearing, move and shoot, cover vs concealment, and more.

250 Rounds Minimum.


Basic Defensive Shotgun: 

Introduction to types of shotguns, defensive ammo selection, shooting from cover vs concealment, combat reloading, moving and shooting.

75 Rounds Birdshot/Target, 10 Rounds 00Buck, 10 Slugs.  Bring shotgun and your duty/home defense load of choice.



Call 937-317-0787 or email for more information or to sign up!