Concealed Carry

Deciding on a concealed carry handgun is an important decision, and we believe there are several things you should factor in before making your purchase.  Typically, the smaller and more light weight the gun, the easier it is to conceal, but you also tend to sacrifice shooting comfort and magazine capacity.  For example, the Ruger LCP is a fantastic carry pistol, but it is pretty snappy at the range due to its thin grip and light weight.  If you only plan to use it as a CCW, this shouldn’t be an issue.  However, if your handgun will be serving double duty as home defense or as a range toy, you might want to compromise a little bit and go with something with a little larger frame and higher magazine capacity.

Stop by our store to see how they feel in your hands and to compare the pros and cons of various models.  Our expert staff will make sure you end up with the gun that’s right for you!